“What we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.”

Today marks 2 years since the death of George Floyd. And today the More Than A Moment working group has put out this statement asking organisations that have signed up to the Pledge to publish our action plans so that we can (rightly) be held accountable.

We signed up to the MTAM pledge because we believe that (firstly) as human beings and (secondly) as human beings in receipt of public funding, we should live our lives – and conduct our business – from a starting point of care, compassion and generosity (what one of our board members calls ‘Radical Love’). We want to live in a world which is safe, equitable and regenerative for all people and for the planet; where there is connection, cooperation and nurture for all. The development, and our stewardship, of The Nest is our way of embodying this – making space to bring people together, unlearn damaging or extractive ways of doing things and build a nurturing, regenerative, creative community that shares our values and can work for real and lasting change.

Since The Nest opened, we have grown our understanding of how starting to build the world we want to inhabit* is a powerful way to attract interesting, like-minded people; to learn from each other; to explore, experiment with and develop truly Regenerative Practice; to share our resources; to use our privilege for good; and to promote meaningful behaviour change. This is how we will grow something wonderful and genuine around climate, access & equity – collaboratively embracing possibility and change – which places safety, care, consideration and respect for humans & planet fully at the centre of everything.

This is our real, living action plan – and you can read it in the being and the doing at The Nest.

Our action isn’t shouty, it’s quiet. Thoughtful. Collaborative. Iterative.

It’s not about us. It’s much bigger than us.

And we are happy to be held to account for it, because we know that “What we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.” (adrienne maree brown)

* See adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy & Rob Hopkins’ From What is to What If? for more detailed and inspirational stuff. As a time saving taster, you can try this podcast which handily features the two of them in conversation.

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