Brilliant Black Women Artists

Spotlight on some brilliant black women artists – friends of the Birds, collaborators, members of our Board or former Nest Residents. If you don’t know about them and their work, now’s your chance to find out…

Laura Nyahuye first worked with Talking Birds on The Cart a few years back. She is an artist, designer, storyteller and a powerhouse – have a look at Maokwo, the organisation Laura founded to fight for representation and inclusion for migrant artists. Laura also makes exquisite body adornments – think wearable sculptures infused with stories – and is a Board Member at Talking Birds.

We first met Sylvia Theuri at Spon Spun Festival, where we were really taken by her beautifully layered digital drawings and the twin cities postcard project she was showing. Sylvia was one of our early Nest Residents – working on an extension of her postcard project to explore a specific connection with Volgograd. She is now also a Board Member at Talking Birds.

Writer Liz Mytton has been working with us for a number of years, crafting beautiful poetic texts for our actors to speak. Over the last 12 months she wrote the lyrics for our Walk With Me walking tours, and scripted The Festival of Lost and Found (the show we made in Stratford in December) and Capsule, which premiered in Coventry in January 2020.

Artist-Researcher and Mother, Mel Varin, has just completed a short but fascinating experimental Work From Home Nest Residency, exploring art-making (and indeed just finding space and time to be) with her 16 month old child.

If you are a black artist based in or around Coventry, with an idea you would like to explore, please consider applying to Talking Birds’ Nest Residency Programme. There is no deadline for applications. Although at present the residencies remain Work From Home, they are extremely flexible and include access to financial and mentoring/conversational support.