Open Call! Artists opportunity!

Future Ecologies – Talking Birds/Ludic Rooms Collaborative Nest Residencies

Ludic Rooms has teamed up with Talking Birds to create two Nest Residency opportunities for artists who live in the CV1-6 postcode to take time to explore ‘Future Ecologies’ around Coventry Canal. Nest Residencies have been running since 2019 and prioritise D/deaf, disabled, neurodivergent and/or locally-based artists, supporting them to experiment with one of those ‘What if…?’ ideas.

This call out is intended to identify artists living within the CV1-6 postcode who are interested in:

– exploring the themes of Future Ecologies along the Coventry Canal; 

– engaging with digital technologies (whether or not this is already part of their practice);

– collaborating with Ludic Rooms and Talking Birds;

– exploring sustainable or regenerative working practices; 

and who would benefit from a supported studio residency within the creative community at The Nest.

The Nest Future Ecologies residencies are supported by by Arts Council England Project Grants, Coventry City Council Project Grants and the City of Culture Green Futures Programme.

Ludic Rooms is based at Coventry Canal Basin and is currently focussing on life by water (in the most landlocked city in the country) and ideas for folk traditions of the future. These are being developed through its major arts and technology programme called Random String, as well as an associated project, Landlocked, where Juneau Projects are working with local residents that overlook the water to imagine future wildlife in the canal. 

The Nest is a brand new shared making space created by Talking Birds as a place to grow an inclusive, climate-conscious creative community which supports and enables disabled and local artists, giving them space to explore ideas and create new work. The Nest is on the Coventry Canal, adjacent to the Daimler Powerhouse, and is a 5 minute walk up the towpath from Ludic Rooms.

These Ludic Rooms/Talking Birds Nest Residency opportunities aim to play with the ideas and connections of the waterway and an artistic support structure – through the idea of ‘Future Ecologies’. The residencies are available across disciplines but should in some way engage with digital technologies. Ludic Rooms can support this, if you have ideas but limited know how. 

The successful artist will be provided with an accessible work space at The Nest where they will benefit from mentoring, constructive critical input and production support from the two partner organisations. The successful artist will also receive:

  • Residency fees: £800 or £1600 (plus additional access support to make the residency work for you)
  • Modest but flexible materials/making budget to include support as needed with digital technologies or other construction.


For these Future Ecologies Nest Residencies, the deadline for applications is 22nd July 2021. We would ideally like the first residency to start as soon as possible. Nest Residencies aim to be responsive to the needs of the artist and the idea they are exploring, so the exact timing of the residency will be arranged with, and to suit, the artist.

There are two opportunities:

  • A short intensive residency ending 27th August with work to be presented during the Bank Holiday weekend events that are being held at both locations and along the canal.
  • A longer or more spread out residency, with a studio available between 1st September and 15th October. If the appointed artist wanted to take advantage of the engagement opportunities outlined below, the start date could be earlier.

It would be useful if you could indicate in your application if you have a preference on timescale.  

Sharing the Work and/or community engagement opportunities

There are a number of potential sharing, testing and presenting opportunities between July and November (see below) which is why we have structured the opportunities in this way. 

Nest artists can potentially present works in progress or engage with the public in developing their work during Friday sessions at Ludic Rooms’ Roam + Dwell public events (every Friday through July and August); August Bank Holiday weekend (27-29 August); and finally at Random String Festival 11-14 November. 

Who can apply for the Nest Future Ecologies residency programme?

Any Coventry-based artist or small company with a CV1-6 postcode, with priority given to d/Deaf or disabled or neurodivergent artists. 

How to apply

Either complete the online application form here

Or you can submit your application in video or audio format to cover the questions below

  • What idea would you like to develop during this residency?
  • What if any experience do you have and what input you might need?
  • Why are you interested in working with the partner organisations?
  • Why is this opportunity beneficial to you at this moment?
  • Please specify any support you would need in order to make this opportunity work for you.

You can include links to your website, Youtube, Vimeo or Instagram accounts

You can upload up to three images of your work with the form if you have a google account, or email them to 

An easy read version of this information is available here

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