Welcome to our first Nest Residents!

One day, (funding pending…) The Nest will be a real place. Until then, The Nest is wherever we can find a space to support our Nest Artists’ Residency Programme – and we’re really thrilled to announce that our first two artists have now taken up residence in studios at Eaton House (big thanks to Coventry Artspace for their help with this!).

Andy Sargent started last week and has already practically filled his studio with sketches, paintings and sculptures which are adding to his ‘Hidden Monster’ series exploring “the issues of loneliness, isolation, abandonment, negative reaction, pain, depression, physical instability, poverty, all created by sudden physical disability due to spinal injury.”


Digital artist Sylvia Theuri started yesterday. She will be using the residency to continue her dialogue with Volgograd (begun through her postcards project) and to make some pieces that respond to the photographs and messages from the individual in Volgograd that received and responded to Sylvia’s Coventry postcard.


We’re really looking forward to seeing how both artists’ works develop – and to the many interesting creative conversations we hope to have with them (without interrupting them *too* much!)

>> If you are a D/deaf or disabled and/or Midlands-based artist and are interested in applying for a Nest Residency, you can find all the details here.

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