The reality of running a campaign when you are high on idealism but low on resources OR why small companies rarely win big awards.

There are 3 of us at Talking Birds. Two part time employees (with a couple of days a week each) plus one freelancer. On top of that, all 3 of us work freelance for other companies – in the region and further afield. This is by way of illustrating that we haven’t got much in the way of time or resources (or, actually, even brain space) to conduct any kind of coordinated campaign (whilst being only too aware that any serious marketing/voting campaign needs a lot of time, natch). It’s a capacity issue: even throwaway low-tech videos, it transpires, take (too much) time. And the only way that it becomes ok to spend time you don’t have making a video for something like this, is if it generates a shed-load of votes and you win something worthwhile. Maybe.

For Talking Birds, winning the Tech 4 Good People’s Award could be worth the amount of time we’ve spent on it. It won’t bring us a cash prize, but after 8 years of trying to fund our in-pocket subtitler (The Difference Engine)’s development, the attention the award brings could just mean that it becomes that little bit easier to finance. And this would speed up the process of getting it into the hands of the people who really need it (as well as hopefully reducing the likelihood that someone else nicks the idea and gets it out there first).

We’ve written about this before, but basically if everyone who reads this votes for us and shares it we could win this award – and (eventually) experimental, site-specific and other small, interesting work could become much more accessible.

Pie in the sky? Maybe. But definitely worth a try.
(That was the idealism bit).

You can make your vote for Talking Birds by clicking here – and share your support in tweets marked #T4GTalkingBirds

THANK YOU – we really appreciate your support.

Please vote for Talking Birds by clicking here and share your support in tweets marked #T4GTalkingBirds



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