We still need your votes! #T4GTalkingBirds

If you haven’t yet voted for Talking Birds’ in-pocket subtitler The Difference Engine in this years Tech4Good Awards, please take a moment to do so! Every vote counts – and by voting, you are helping to publicise the work we’ve been doing with The Difference Engine, attempting to make a viable low-cost solution to the inaccessibility of (particularly) experimental theatre and performance.

We don’t think it’s fair that deaf and hard of hearing audiences often think small scale, experimental or site-specific theatre (like the pieces we’ve done in cattle markets, underground car parks, hospitals or 14th century monasteries) are not for them because there is no captioning or sign language interpretation provided. We don’t think its fair that all the small companies up and down the country who are making brilliant work on a shoestring just can’t afford to make their work accessible. That’s why we came up with the Difference Engine – a low-cost way for small companies to make their work accessible to audiences.

It’s not completely finished yet – these kind of things are very tricky to raise funds for – but it works, and we know that lots of other companies would like to use it too. There’s no cash prize attached to the Tech 4 Good Award we’re a finalist for, but we hope that the interest and publicity generated will help with attracting investment – so we can get the Difference Engine out into the hands of the people that need it. And that’s why we need as many votes as possible. And tweets. And retweets…

Please can you vote for Talking Birds in the Tech 4 Good Awards?

And please tweet about it with the #T4GTalkingBirds tag, and encourage your friends to vote too.

If that’s not enough to persuade you, try Andy Parkes’ blog! Andy tested the Difference Engine on A City Grown from Words that we made to mark the closure of the Bishop Street Sorting Office and he (quite rightly!) thinks it’s ace.

Thanks ever so much – we really really appreciate your support!


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