Listen Again : Armchair Ant&Cleo

You can now Listen Again to Ant&Cleo – the Musical! performed by Talking Birds with Orchestra of the Swan and the massed Elysian choirs of Bridgetown Primary, Bray’s and Welcombe Hills schools. The live audio stream of the Saturday performance is archived here. We’d love to know what you think of the ‘livestream’ and – if you saw it in the flesh – what you thought of the show, you can send us your review by clicking here.

Talking Birds, Ant & Cleo The Musical, dress rehearsal at Stratford ArtsHouse
Ant&Cleo pic by Andy Moore/Pixeltrix

ANT&CLEO armchair version

If you haven’t got/can’t get a ticket for ANT&CLEO on Friday or Saturday – and let’s face it, they are now rarer than asp-venom antidote in Alexandria – FEAR NOT! We will be live streaming the audio so that you can listen in from the comfort of your sofa, via Mixlr.


Performances/Live Streams: FRIDAY 6.30pm & SATURDAY 2.30pm

You can access Mixlr via your browser, through our website or through the app (which you need to download in advance).

Ant and Cleo-Poster-240914

This week is all about…ANT & CLEO

We’re entering the home straight on ANT&CLEO which shimmies into Stratford Artshouse this week and will be laid before a paying audience (that’s you, hopefully, but rest assured the tickets are very reasonably priced…) on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. There’s more info about the show and a link to box office here.

(Rumour has it that Saturday’s show is already sold out, but do check with box office in case there are any returns).