You did it!!

Amazing news!! We’ve just heard that ANT&CLEO won the People’s Millions – so we’d like to say massive, massive thanks to all of you for all your votes! The cheque was awarded to Orchestra of the Swan on ITV Central News earlier – seems legit, not quite sure how David will get it through the doors of the bank though…


You can keep an eye on here, and our facebook, twitter etc for details of the project as it unfolds – and if you’d like to make sure you miss absolutely nothing, join our emailing list: you can do that here.

You are all brilliant!

Big, big thanks to everyone who got caught up in the mayhem and ratcheted up their telephone bills on our behalf yesterday voting ANT&CLEO.

Thank you to every single person who voted, shared, retweeted or harassed their friends and neighbours to vote for the project.

We find out the result later today, but whichever way it goes (good luck Northfield Bike Hub), remember, YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT!


Today’s the day! We’re up for TV/Telephone crowdfunding for our new project ANT&CLEO the musical with Orchestra of the Swan – and every vote counts!

Please call 0871 626 8831 now to cast your vote!

Calls cost 11p from a landline and you can vote up to 10 times. Please call 0871 626 8831 now to cast your vote!

Ant & Cleo is the successor to our intergalactic opera Troy Story made with almost 200 children and young people from six primary schools and two special schools – and will essentially be a year of workshops, rehearsals building towards a fantastic final performance – 60 minutes of spectacle and madcap humour helping  every child to reach their full potential. That number again… 0871 626 8831. THANKS!