Trade in Lunacy – exploring 18th century private asylums


27th, 28th and 29th June 2013
Shop Front Theatre, 38, City Arcade, Coventry

Cure, containment, corruption: a theatrical examination of 18th century private asylums.

Trade in Lunacy is a chamber theatre performance inspired by the practices of treating those diagnosed with ‘diseases of the mind’ in asylums in private homes, set up by individual entrepreneurs to generate income and enhance claims to cure.

An exciting new collaboration between Warwick Centre for the History of Medicine (CHM) and Talking Birds – this event builds on Professor Hilary Marland’s research into the history of mental disorder and its institutions.

On Thursday 27th June, a panel discussion and reception will follow the 6.30pm performance.

For information about the project and the Centre for the History of Medicine, visit the project website.

Tickets available from OxBoffice or 0845 680 1926.


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