Coventry Mysteries Festival starts today

IMG_6137There’s lots of interesting stuff happening around Coventry over the next week. Ludic Rooms are running another mobile phone trail around the city centre – look out for yellow dots in the windows of participating shops in the precinct and answer the questions posed by the scrolling LEDs to take part. Ludic Rooms were responsible for the rather brilliant EnactCov trail last year, so this should be fun.

Talking Birds (and its individual artists) are also involved in the festival:

For the last month, Janet has been working with Hi8us Midlands and Anne Forgan on the Think Space project, exploring with a group of young people how they can harness design and making skills to transform their living spaces in temporary accommodation. The Think Space Lab – opposite the main West Orchards/Debenhams entrance – where they’ve been working now houses an exhibition of objects made or upcycled using their newfound skills. More info on the blog.

Next Tuesday (June 11th) is Pecha Kucha Coventry’s latest event – this time curated by Ludic Rooms as part of the Mysteries (which means Janet gets to enjoy PKN as a punter instead of organising it for once, which she’s rather looking forward to!) More details here.

Meanwhile Derek has been working on Talking Birds’ official contribution to the Mysteries Festival! With Peter Cann (director of Talking Birds’ Greek space epic ‘Troy Story’) he has been crafting a series of songs inspired by the life of Coventry-born inventor of the jet engine, Frank Whittle. Containing such memorable lines as “I’m afraid you’re just too little, Mr. Whittle!”, these songs have been practised and practised by children from four Coventry schools (Sir Frank Whittle, Courthouse Green, Edgewick Park and Sacred Heart) and – along with choreography & direction by Emily Lloyd-Roberts – will be performed in Millennium Place (under the Whittle arches outside the Transport Museum) on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th June at 12.45 and 1.30pm.

For the full Mysteries Festival schedule, check out the 2013 online brochure:


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