We’re recruiting a General Manager – is it you?

General Manager Talking Birds (part time – 2 ½ days/week)

Having celebrated our 20th year in 2012, Talking Birds is now entering an exciting period of development and change. We’re looking for an exceptional person to work 2 ½ days a week as General Manager, alongside the Artistic Directors, as we begin our second year as an Arts Council NPO, (the company’s 11th year as a revenue funded client of ACE).

Since 1992 Talking Birds has been producing thoughtful, playful, resonant, mischievous and transformative meditations on people and place. Our work, which we call Theatre of Place is characterised by a distinctive blend of humour, music and visual flair in venues both conventional and unconventional across the UK and internationally. Often our work is made collaboratively, connecting people and place in richly imaginative moments of identification and insight. We aim to design accessibility into the heart of our projects and believe in the capacity of art to effect positive change for individuals and for communities.

We’re looking for someone who really gets what we do, and who wants to be an integral part of our ongoing development. This person will be organised, strategic, flexible, rigorous, supportive, challenging, constructive – and full of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. They’ll have five years or more experience.

The General Manager will ensure the smooth running of the company, and enable the Artistic Directors to focus on the core creative work. Key areas of activity will be: strategic planning; company management; Board support; financial management; funding applications & relationships; monitoring and evaluation; partnership development; and project/office administration.

If all of that excites and intrigues you please download our full job pack by clicking here [PDF Format].

To request it in another format please call 024 7615 8330.

Shakespeare, Homer, The Great War and the National Trust.


Shakespeare, Homer, The Great War and the National Trust are the things that are preoccupying and occupying us at the moment. Nick’s written a version of Macbeth for Contender Charlie and China Plate which has been Triggered at Warwick Arts Centre and it opens this week (and is sold out).

King Lear and the Great War feature in the new piece we’re making: We’re Only Here Today. Early versions of it had outings at Bitesize festival and the RSC-hosted Pilot Night, we had a few development days on it last month and start rehearsals proper in a couple of weeks. The show is premiering at mac in Birmingham on March 12th & 13th and will be touring later this year.

We’re also developing the intergalactic prequel to 2011’s out-of-this-world (bdumtish) Space Odyssey, working on Homer’s Illiad with 3 Stratford schools and the rocket-powered Orchestra of the Swan. This is working up to performances of Troy Story [the Illiad AND the Odyssey] in Stratford in April and Birmingham in July.

We’ve been invited to demo the newest version of the Difference Engine at the Future Everything Digital meets Disability unconference in March.

And last weekend, jv joined a group wandering round the National Trust’s Charlecote Park at 4o’clock in the morning, taking photos for the 4am Project (that’s one of the pics, above).

So…that’s what we’re thinking about at the moment – how about you?