How to see some stuff and get your mitts on a tremendous loyalty bonus prize (or something)

Crikey there’s a lot on this week. Ready? Grab your hats…

If you are in COVENTRY, BIRMINGHAM, STRATFORD or environs tomorrow (THURSDAY) come & see us alongside Graeme Rose, Kindle Theatre, Caroline Horton and Teasel Theatre and Lucy Ellinson at Pilot Night at the RSC.

If you are in LICHFIELD on SATURDAY go & see The Whale at the Lichfield Festival.

If you are in LEAMINGTON SPA on SATURDAY come via the Pump Rooms for the Long Jump bit of our Decathlon project.

If you are in SUSSEX on SUNDAY go & see The Whale at the Dromos Festival.

If you are in or around COVENTRY (or prepared to travel!) the following Friday (20th) get a team together and come and compete in our sociable cocktail-stick sculpture competition (aka our Decathlon Javelin) as part of the Coventry Artspace Hijack event.

And if you can provide compelling photographic evidence (post on facebook or tweet to @birdmail) that you were at FOUR or more of these events we’ll shell out for a TREMENDOUS LOYALTY BONUS PRIZE for you because, y’know, we’re nice like that every once in a while…


Photo by Charlotte H N Cooper, taken in Exeter and shared on Facebook.


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