34 days and counting… #tbdecathlon #deadlines


Have you got a 9.58 second artwork in you?

A poem that takes 9.58 seconds to read out loud?

A play that takes 9.58 seconds to perform?

A film that tells a 9.58 second story or juxtaposes 9.58s of images to give the viewer a subliminal message?

A painting that takes 9.58 seconds to make in a Take Hart style (drying time not included)?

A cello solo that takes 9.58 seconds to play?

A computer animation that runs for 9.58 seconds?

Something else that’s far more interesting and inventive than any of the above?

We’re looking for 9.58 second artworks to line up for the 100m sprint.

At the time of writing, the world record for the 100 metres is 9.58 seconds and is held by the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. In March 2012 we will be screening 8 very short films at the Fierce Festival in Birmingham, where each film will be 9.58 seconds long. These 8 films will constitute the final of the 100 metres in our Decathlon. There will be medals for the ‘winning’ three as voted by the audience, and a lavish £95.80 prize for the gold medal holder.

To that end, we are looking for 9.58 second artworks. They can be in any artform – performance, video, sculpture, poetry, installation, happening, drawing, animation etc – as long as the artwork is 9.58 seconds long, and can be submitted to us as 9.58 second video. We are looking for works which wholly embrace the 9.58 second-ness of the idea, and are either natively digital, or document a 9.58 artwork.

Deadline for submission – Midday February 28th 2012

For more info, (and the reasons why we want your work) see the Decathlon pages on the Talking Birds website.