Back in the box: the "ridiculously charming" Capsule

So our run of Capsule at Warwick Arts Centre is over and all the bits are packed away. It’s been a short but hugely enjoyable fortnight and we’d like to say an enormous thank you to all our lovely audiences, and to those who also user-tested the Difference Engine. And of course to the team at Warwick for making us so welcome!

It’s tricky to make comments or post pictures about a show that hinges on a surprise/twist without giving the game away, but we’ll try and do that and post some stuff up here next week.

Here’s a few from Twitter:

@PhilipHolyman:  I loved @birdmail’s Capsule (now sadly finished, but hopefully not forever); as Marlowe once put it, “infinite riches in a little room”.

@HollyCParkerx: @birdmail You didn’t disappoint – what a FANTASTIC twist. Definitely unlike anything I’ve seen before. Fab fab fab and ridiculously charming. Very endearing.

@Cathryn_G: Capsule is something fresh – unusual and much appreciated – I want to see it again now to appreciate nuances that passed me by.

@Philippa_Cross: @birdmail I SO loved that 🙂

@HelK_: Want to tell everyone the twist in #capsule but really you should just go and see it. Great show @birdmail

@davideophone: A fantastic show by @birdmail – you won’t see another show quite like it! Brilliant!

@richperkinslib: Go see Capsule at Warwick Arts Centre – an experience you’ll never forget.

@petambu: @birdmail fantastic & surprising show! #capsule @peskypeople truly brilliant!

@peskypeople:  This is amazing U have to go >> #capsule by @birdmail @warwickarts I got to the dress rehearsal + roadtest it w/ iphone #subtitles

“It’s a consideration of the beauty of theatre; simple sounds and images can transport us to wherever we desire…a charming piece of performance, and Talking Birds, the company behind the production, really do know how to let their audience have a bit of fun.” [Dan Hutton]

Audience reaction video made by Keira Smalley.

We’d now like to take Capsule out and about a bit, so fingers crossed you’ll be able to take a trip in it yourself soon at a venue near you…


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