On re-opening the Capsule


We’ve been squirrelled away at Warwick Arts Centre for a week and a bit now, re-acquainting ourselves with this 30minute show we made almost a year ago. And in getting to know it again, we’re remembering what it is we like about it and why we wanted to do it again (which is, frankly, quite a relief…)

It’s been fascinating – and tricky – to rework though, because it was originally made as an experiment. We had a space (http://fargospace.posterous.com); a month; a 3m x 3m x 2m walk-in ex-teapot to recycle; and a hunch that something made mostly out of sound happening around – and mostly out of sight of – the audience would make for an interesting piece.

The space was an empty warehouse. It was (very) cold and had/s a lovely – and very particular – atmosphere which shaped the piece in a particular way. Now we’re in the newest space at WAC, the Helen Martin Studio, and the contrast couldn’t be more marked.

We *think* we’ve translated Capsule into something that works in, for & with this space. On Thursday I guess we’ll find out whether the audiences agree with us…

[There is a very small handful of tickets left – ring Warwick box office to find out when/where they are: 024 7652 4524] **SOLD OUT**


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