Highly Sprung at FargoSpace & The Whale at Mintfest

Highly Sprung have been resident at Unit 4 this month and current events have apparently moved the young people they are working with to chuck their plans out of the window, and instead make an audiotour inspired by the riots. Performances will be on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th, details tbc.

The Whale is heading up the M6 to Mintfest the following weekend (if you see it on the motorway, please wave/toot/tweet), and will be ensconced in the Garden of Delights 2nd & 3rd September. Come & say hello? (& maybe even buy a t-shirt?!)


If you are in Edinburgh, keep an eye out for fellow Midlanders The Other Way Works, Kindle Theatre, Foursight Theatre & Untied Artists. Or if, like us, you’re further south, Edgelands looks like it will be worth keeping an eye on from afar.

We’re looking for Creators of Memories…is that you?



Artists/Producers/Events Organisers/etc who can make interesting and productive use of a free empty space (approx 8m x 5m) in Coventry for a month – and, just before their month is up, invite the public in and make something amazing happen there. We’re looking for people/groups who can create something original and wonderful (and perhaps even a bit beautiful) that will make people want to come and experience the Space Programme for themselves. Something that will contribute to building up an understanding and expectation in the wider Coventry unconscious that FarGo is a place where cool things happen.


The Space Programme is an opportunity to make a scene where there isn’t one. Each individual slot is an opportunity to explore how the space could be used/transformed prior to the opening of FarGo, Coventry’s new creative village.


Slots from September 1st 2011 (subject to lease agreement).


In Unit 4 at FarGo, Far Gosford Street, Coventry.


The Space Programme is curated by Talking Birds and has been running since July 2010. You can find details of projects so far at by clicking here

Successful applicants will be awarded £100 at the start of their residency.

If you are interested in taking part, please send an email of up to 600 words to

janet[at]talkingbirds[dot]co[dot]uk detailing:

– who you are

– what you would do with your month in the Empty Space Module

– what your event might look like

– whether you could go on site at the drop of a hat (September 1st) or need a longer lead in

– links to any online images/info about your past work


Deadline for expressions of interest: August 15th 2011