The Idea of a University

We’re doing some work with Warwick University Theatre Studies students at the moment. Their base in Millburn House is shared with the intriguing sounding ‘Ion Cyclotron Resonance Laboratory’. Unfortunately, this time around we’ve not managed to get in there, but have been admiring the small exhibition in the foyer, entitled “The Idea of a University”.

It’s headed by a lovely quote from a 2010 interview with MJP Architects:

“You get students and researchers; maybe it’s a bit optimistic to hope that researchers and students will keep bumping into one another and wonderful things will happen.”

As someone who is almost always involved one way or another in creating the (optimistic, idealistic?) conditions where different ‘sorts’ of people will bump into each other in the hope that “wonderful things” (conversation, connection, collaboration?) will happen, it was nice to be reminded that, in many ways, that’s also the point of educational establishments…because that, actually, is how learning (as well as art) happens.

Thanks MJP Architects!