» Capsule: a chamber show for an audience of six

·float·sink·hide·find·blast off·touchdown·sabotage·freefall·land·dock·
·piece together a story told predominantly through sound·

We’ll be honest with you:
CAPSULE is a bit of an experiment.
We’d like you to come and experience it
& let us know whether you think it works.

We’ve had the use of an empty industrial unit for the month of November, and this show, Capsule, is what we have made during that month. Well actually, at the time of writing, we’re still making it. It will probably still be a bit rough round the edges by 26th & 27th. We might ask you for help…

Continuing the experimental theme, we’d like you to book a ticket online in advance for either Friday 26th or Saturday 27th and indicate whether you’d prefer to see Capsule between 5pm & 6pm, or 6pm & 7pm, or 7pm & 8pm. We’ll get back in touch to confirm a more exact time and give you more details nearer the time.

26th & 27th November 2010
Unit 4, FarGo Village, Far Gosford St., Coventry, CV1 5ED (former Far Gosford St trading est.)
head up Far Gosford Street from the city centre until you reach Pig In The Middle on the left, then turn right. Unit 4 is at the far side of the site.


As well as testing the show, we’ll also be testing the first version of our digital access tool, THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE, so if you have a smartphone or other mobile device which can connect via wi-fi, and would be interested in testing and feeding back on the Difference Engine, please bring your device with you (but keep it turned to silent). Stewards will show you how to use the Difference Engine before the show, so please arrive early if you intend to participate.

We’re particularly interested in testing the Difference Engine with smartphone-using audience members with particular access needs, so we’d like to hear from you in advance if you’re interested in helping test the system.

The show is made to accomodate six audience members at a time, including one wheelchair user per performance.