We’re not massive fans of post-show discussions per se. Sometimes they can feel just a little too exposing, but it is (almost!) always useful to get the direct feedback, through questions from the audience, about what works or doesn’t, how clear stuff is, what’s puzzling people and what they’ve enjoyed. But – aha – we thought, how about if you do your post-show discussion via Twitter?* And people who have already seen the show can ask questions from home as well as those (with the appropriate phones) who are still in the theatre? And if the writer, say, happens to be abroad, he can also join in via the magic of the internet…

So this may be a genius idea or it may be a total flop BUT if you have seen We Love You City at the Belgrade and have a question you’ve been mulling over but have no-one to ask, please tweet it to us @birdmail between now and friday night. And if you’re seeing the show this week or especially on Friday 8th, we’ll be online to attempt to answer questions with the #WLYC hashtag for an hour after the show (ie 10-11pm).

Please re-tweet, tell your friends etc etc

We’ll let you know how it goes…fingers crossed.


*We’ve been trying to find someone who’s done this before – nearest we’ve found is @halfmoontheatre who did a PSD by text and @pilot_theatre have done it via online chat and Skype. If you’ve previously done a Twitter PSD and have some top tips, we’d love to hear them.