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Dance Artist Lily Hayward-Smith has been the second occupant of Unit 4 as part of the Fargo Space Programme and tonight was the performance of You Are Here – a gentle and warm exploration of the memories of Far Gosford Street that her company has uncovered whilst in residence. The audience was served tea and cake during the performance and before they left they were invited to add their own memories of the street to the web of memories woven during the show.



BBC C&W Sports Reporter loved We Love You City and got some good comments from the audience too – including Coventry athletics legend Dave Moorcroft who thought the show was “really quite brilliant…absolutely fantastic”!

A packed house seemed to have a great night re-living the nailbiting 90 mins plus extra time. Cyrille Regis was in the audience too – which made a few of the Cov fans’ nights! Here he is with (most of) the cast in the foyer after the show singing #pusb


If you saw the show and have any questions or comments, you can post here, or tweet @birdmail – be nice to hear from you.

[Photo by LX Designer Arnim Friess]

Played by City of Coventry Salvation Army Band.

This actually did nothing at all to the shirt – which has now been broken down in a more conventional manner to make it look like it’s been run over by a car *sigh*


Not meant to have a favourite seat. As the designer I’m sort of meant to share the view out, not favour any particular audience member – BUT – if you haven’t got your ticket yet, I recommend a balcony seat above the goal…! (jv)



Shhh, whisper it…”it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen another human being do” (Houchen’s equaliser)


Last but one run-through before we begin teching on Monday.

A section of music (written by Derek Nisbet and played live by David Colvin & Karen Fisher-Pollard) where there’s much football-type action (choreographed by Vanessa Cook) going on – but you’ll just have to imagine that bit for now…