Laura’s stack of letters and of first memories of mac is growing by the minute. The latter includes the family who fulfil John English’s original vision of the place: they met there as young people involved in the activities, continued to do stuff at mac, formed their own theatre company and now their kids are also regular visitors to/users of mac. Derek’s sound bank for the Midland Radio Orchestra is growing – people have been tuning his stack of old radios, and grouping them into ‘orchestral families’, and he’s been making audio recordings of the contents of visitors’ sheds to use in the sound piece. The last photo is of the performance group’s work and features Saranjit as John English. If you’d like to see what everyone’s been up to, there are two more days to visit the ongoing residencies, or at 2pm on Friday there’ll be a public sharing of the week’s work – click here for more details.