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The four sheds are pretty much complete and the artists’ residencies and summer schools will start on Monday. Please pop along and take a look…


4 artists in 4 sheds for a week-long residency from August 2nd-6th. More: Book a place on singing or performance workshop: or join in with Talking Birds’ shed competition:



#whale and we’re under way for another great day of fun at the national

#whale blimey that was a great day! Loads of people coming to see Jonah. Just basking in the evening glow now…back tomorrow. Night all.


Lots of people here enjoying the weather and all the fun. It’s a good day to be a whale…!


I’m very excited. Just got dragged into place and getting my costume on! Going to be a lovely day!


I arrived in London late last night. Gosh, it was cold zooming down the motorway- and I got some funny looks from caravans!


Finally set off from Coventry at around 7.30 with Mark, Graeme & Johnny. Looking forward to basking by the Thames again – it’s been too long…